What makes Novaveritas different from any other IA provider? 

1.– Novaveritas is more than a facilitator, we conduct the audit process       under an strict control of our auditors, worldwide.

2.–  Novaveritas has implemented a Supervising Audit Process Unit (SAPU) in order to control and to oversee the onboard audit process, our auditor is not alone, he is connected with our technical department through ICTs.

3.-  Novaveritas encourages their customers to  send their processes, documents, mandatory requirements in order to prepare a learning object to            familiarize the attending auditor with the Company´s audit process.

4.– In Novaveritas we are specialist in the field of ISM ISPS Internal Audits, since 2008 and our auditors are continuously trained to develop specific skills regarding our customer´s needs.  


Novaveritas (Safimar Inc.) is a marine organization committed to promote quality services in the field of verification, training and advisory services. Novaveritas NV has focuses on providing ISM Code, ISPS Code, MLC 2006, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 first party audits (internal audits) and with the purpose to provide these services to our customers, we have established a worldwide network of qualified auditors, all technical personnel with relevant qualifications.


The mission of Novaveritas, is to serve the maritime community and to be a marine organization committed to promoting Quality, Safety, Security and Environmental protection through HSSQEEn internal verification services.


To be a lead marine organization, internationally recognized for its values and excellence in the service performed.


Continually improve the effectiveness of both the quality management system and the provision of our services...


Novaveritas NV in committed to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, free from unauthorized drugs and alcohol abuse, and support the effort of law enforcement agencies to eradicate the sale and trafficking in drugs and alcohol in the company´s office premises and project sites...


Marine circulars are issued by HSSEQ & Technical Department to provide a guideline to our auditors to perform their task onboard our customer´s vessels. 

Administrative Department

Mr. Gustavo Garrido

Technical Department

HSSEQ Department

"Join us in making our maritime world safer"